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Social Media Infographic Copy

Social Media launched as a way for family and friends to connect online but businesses, non-profits and government agencies are seeing the advantages that social media can bring in terms of marketing, advertising, public care and feedback. Not only does social media connect you to your long lost cousin across the world, but it now opened the doors to connect with organizations on a personal level. The above info-graphic displays what social media platforms work best for businesses, non-profits and for government agencies.

The first graph presents users of different age groups and what social platform they are on. I found it super interesting to see that those over the age of 65 are actively engaging online, more so on Facebook. That broke my stereotype! It shows you what age groups are more attracted to a certain platform. For example, the majority of Instagram’s users are between the ages of 18 to 29. If a business wants to target an audience between those ages, they know they can use Instagram to attract their customers. I also found it pretty cool that Facebook shifted from a social platform that mainly consisted of College/University students to users including your parents, grand-parents, etc. I guess they wanted to connect with old friends and thats exactly what Facebook does!

The second visual shows what social media platforms would work best for you – whether you are in a business, non-profit or government agency. It is evident that Facebook came up number one. Every one is using Facebook and because of that, all three organizations should have a presence on it as well. Its no surprise that businesses turn to LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, and businesses would obviously want professionals. Non-Profits turn to Twitter to connect with their audience as hashtags make it easier to find them. Its weird how Governments do not have a presence on Google+. Maybe thats due to the fact that Google+ is still on the rise and governments are okay with using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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