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This year will be the third year of World MS Trend Day. It’s held annually on July 31st. It was created by myself and a fellow MSer/MS Bestie, Randy Patrick, to make individuals aware of Multiple Sclerosis, what it is and how it affects patients, by utilizing the hashtag #CureMS in attempts to make it trend on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

For those of you that don’t know, I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, as well as 2.5 million people worldwide. It’s an auto-immune disease that affects our Central Nervous System, which includes your brain and spinal cord. The auto-immune disease, for some reason, attacks the protective sheath that surrounds your nerves and leaves patients with 95+ symptoms. 

Think of it this way.. To power a TV you need a wire that plugs into an outlet and into your television. You press power and there goes on your tv. But what happens when mice get a hold of that wire and start chewing on it? The signal of your television will be fuzzy, it’ll be static and it won’t work to its full potential. 

That’s what MS is. My immune system thinks I’m so awesome that it just can’t get enough of me – it has to latch onto my nerve fibres and have it for itself. And that’s what happens to others who suffer from MS and the sad part is, not a lot of people know what MS is or does!

This is why World MS Trend Day was created. Randy and I wanted a day where we could just let the world know what MS is and what it does. We do everything in our power to push out a message online and so we developed our hashtag strategy to do so. 

Every year, for the rest of my life, I will be participating in #WMSTD2015. Want to join me? It’s very simple. All you have to do is include #CureMS in your posts on social. Tweet out a fact about MS. Post a YouTube video that relates to MS in your Facebook posts. Choose from an image below and upload it to Instagram – but don’t miss the most important part: include #CureMS in these posts and encourage others to do the same.

Last year, and the year before, we even got Montel Williams to join in and influence his fans by taking part in #WMSTD2015. We received hundreds of thousands of impressions and we can’t wait to see whats in store for 2015! 

Will you be participating? Let me know if you’d like to help us or if you’d like more information! We’d gladly give you more info on ways that you could help be a voice on behalf of all MSers!

#WMSTD2015 (2)  #WMSTD2015


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