There are SO many accounts out there – whether business accounts or personal brands – that have still yet to master a Twitter account. Your profiles and images are all a reflection of your brand and you should show off your personality through the social accounts you have. Twitter, and the rest of the social platforms, are all about first impressions, which is why you should make sure that you’re leaving a good one. Here are my 5 top Twitter tips for having a killer Twitter account that will leave your followers with an excellent impression.

1. Profile Picture

People use Twitter to connect with other people, and having an egg or an image that’s not of you is not going to cut it. Use an appropriate image of yourself so others can see who they are talking to. People are more likely to engage with an account that has a person behind it – not a bot. Oh and ps.. duck faces are NOT allowed as your profile picture.

2. Stunning Banner

Twitter allows users to add an even more personal touch by using a banner on your profile. Don’t skip this step. It brings out more personality. What are your interests? What are your passions and hobbies? Do you love travelling? Expose that about yourself through a banner. Choose an image that is high quality, eye catching and relevant to your brand.

@KayChatz Twitter Account Banner

3. Fill Out Your Bio

Your bio is going to tell your audience a little more about who you are and what you do. This is no different than introducing @KayChatz Twitter Bioyourself to someone in real life. Introduce yourself through your Twitter Bio by including points like your job/position, your interests, and anything else you’d want someone to know. But keep in mind you only have 140 characters. Get right to the point. For example, take a look at my Twitter Bio – I have my title in the company, my passions of being an MS advocate and a coffee love (yum), my non-profit organization and an addition of a Twitter Chat I host. Find something to personalize your Twitter Bio so it’s not so boring. Do you know how many coffee addicts I’ve met?

4. Website

If you have a blog, a business website, an Etsy shop, etc, add the link into your profile. If you don’t have a website, add a link to your LinkedIn profile. This will allow your Twitter followers to gain even more insights about you or your business.

5. Don’t Be A Ghost

Be present on social! Don’t open up an account just to leave it empty. That’s like showing up to a party and sitting in the corner all night. Tweet away, be consistent, bring value to the table and have fun with Twitter. There’s nothing worse than being so interested in someone’s profile and connecting with them to only find out they are not active. Be social, but most importantly, DO social.

Simple, right? If you follow these simple tips, you’ll have a killer Twitter account in no time. Do you have any other tips that would help a Twitter newbie starting fresh? Let’s hear them.



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