3 Questions That Make A Social Media Manager Cringe

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Being a social media manager is A LOT of fun and although it comes with tight deadlines, all nighters and tonnes of hard work, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Building relationships and communities and activating those communities online on behalf of brands is what it’s all about. When I see my clients happy, then I’m happy. But sometimes, the provider-client relationship can get a little rocky. Sometimes I wonder why my clients contacted me for social media assistance but then question my process – and if you’re a social media manager, you totally get what I’m saying.

Clients aren’t necessarily coming from a bad place when asking these questions but when they ask, it’s most likely due to a lack of understanding of social media and the benefits of being digital in 2016. Below are 3 questions that absolutely make me cringe and I know they make you cringe too. 

My campaign started last week. Why aren’t I getting sales?

This one is a big one! Sometimes I can’t help but literally roll my eyes (which I’m working on). If you’re a social media manager, you get that social media marketing takes time, effort and patience. This is something I stress to all of my clients before any contract is signed. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your social platforms – especially if you’re new to social media. Please, please, please, realize that gaining followers, building trust, sending traffic to your website, getting sales, etc, takes TIME! Social media is an investment – not an expense or a waste. Treat social media like any other investment and know that investments require time to pass for it to be worth it. 

Can you post this right now?

We totally can, but know that you just made our lives completely unorganized. Social media managers don’t post on the go. There’s a whole process to each tweet sent out or an Instagram photo that gets uploaded, or a Snapchat story. Any outgoing post has a strategic method and has a purpose. When you ask us to post something out of the blue, you’re not understanding what it means to be a social media marketer. Instead, let us know in advanced that you have a post that you think will be valuable to share. If you know you have an event coming up, ask us prior to the event to leave space in our content calendars.

Isn’t Social Media free?

Social media is free for all but social media marketing – the right way – comes with a cost. No, you’re aunts daughters best friend cannot do social media marketing just because she has a Pinterest and Instagram account. Being a social media marketer and a social media user are two different things. We know how to strategize, plan, curate/create, target an audience, engage properly, and the list goes on. Social media managers have the experience and are professionals. On another note, social media runs 24/7, 365 days a year – meaning it’s NOT a 9-5 job. Do you have time to respond to an inquiry at 3 in the morning?

So to all past, current and future clients, do not ask these questions to your social media managers. Instead, ask them how the campaign is going? What do we need to help us with our social media marketing efforts? How can you help us? We know $ are important to you but with patience and understanding, you will get there in no time. 

What are your thoughts? Do you cringe at these questions too? What other statements or questions do you get asked? Let me know in the comments below!


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