4 Reasons Why You Need To Communicate With Your Clients

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So you opened up a digital marketing business or you have your own freelance gig and acquired some clients of your own. You got paid, began the job and everything is running smoothly. You have monthly calls with them and talk to them from time to time to ask them to send you an image or update them on the performance of their campaign. But is once a month enough? Absolutely not!

Communication is the key to personal and professional success.You should be talking with your clients at least once a week – for an hour or two. Why? Because communication is crucial to running any campaign, especially if you want it to be a success. Here are 4 reasons why you NEED to communicate with your clients.

Keep Them Updated

Let’s say I had a coffee shop business (can you tell I love coffee?) and I was paying a consultant $2000 per month to run my social media campaign. I would definitely like to know where and how my money was being spent and if I was gaining any ROI. I would like to know what my consultant worked on this week, versus last week, versus next week and what their goals were. So, if you have clients of your own, keep them updated! What was their engagement rate this week? How are their ads running? Did they get any inquiries? Send them a quick email to let them know that their campaign is important to you and keep them in the loop. 

Find Insights

When you make an effort to communicate with your clients, they will give you valuable information. Ask them questions like, “How many calls did you get this week?” “How many orders did you get?” “Are your leads increasing?” I get it – many marketers dread these types of questions because sometimes it can backlash. Or can it? If you see that last month, your client was getting more action and this month it’s slow, this information can lead you to find what worked and what didn’t work. Here’s your chance to turn negative feedback into positive results. You’ll also get to find out if they have any new promo’s, new business goals, etc. 

Communication is the key to personal and professional success.

Gain Their Trust

There’s nothing more sketchy about a service you pay for, and never hear back from. This idea is the same thing as ordering something online and it arriving at your house the next day. When this happens, you trust that retailer and will most likely order from them again. However, if you don’t receive your items, and you don’t hear back from them, you will never order from them or even refer them to a friend. When you consistently update and communicate with your clients, they’ll trust you more and more as time goes by. Trust is everything. If your clients don’t trust you, they probably won’t continue doing business with you.

You’ll Get Referred

Similar to how consumers will purchase from a brand that a friend recommends, your clients will not have a problem referring you to one of their friends if you build up trust. Want more clients? Impress your current clients by not only proving that your services are valuable, but by communication. If you’re quick to help and quick to respond, you’ll build a strong relationship and your clients will refer you whenever they hear someone inquiring about the type of services you provide. If constant communication isn’t involved in your business relationship, you will not get referred, period. 

Here’s a little formula I like to follow:

  • Once a week – Send an email regarding updates on any promo’s, new information, new images, etc.
  • Once a month – Email analytic reports and set up a call to go over the report.
  • Send an email when you met your goals.
  • Send an email when you gain leads.

In our super busy lives, I think it’s safe to say that we can spare a couple of hours in a month to communicate with our clients. 1-2 hours a month allocated to communication will only strengthen your business, your relationships and your campaigns. Communication is KEY!

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