How Many Emoji’s Should You Use on Social Media

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Today is National Emoji Day! And what better day to write a blog post and a guide on emoji’s!? Emoji’s have become part of our everyday communication habits. We use them in our text messages, we use them in our emails, our social media posts and we’re even seeing them as pillows or house decor – even McDonald’s gave them away as the toy that came with a purchase of a happy meal (you know I love McDonalds since I literally have collected them all!)

Why should you use emoji’s?

They’re fun, friendly and can make people have a deeper understanding of how you’re feeling or what¬†emotion you’re trying to express. Emoji’s made it in business settings as well, making it totally acceptable to add a smiley emoji in an email to your boss. But how many should you use on each network? As we all know, each network performs in a unique way and the way you connect with your audience differs across each platform. Same thing goes with the use of emoji’s.

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