Memory Loss and Multiple Sclerosis

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So today I realized that I have misplaced my wallet. I don’t know if someone stole it from my car – which I don’t think that happened because I had other valuable items and I called my credit card companies and there has been no recent activity. So now I’m convinced I misplaced it myself.

I remember saying to myself, “If I leave it here, I’ll forget about it.” So I guess I jinxed myself.

I feel like I’m having cognitive issues. I have a class on the 3rd floor of my school building but somehow I ended up on the 10th floor and was walking into a class that wasn’t even mine. I’ll be holding my phone in my hands and I’ll start freaking out thinking I lost it. I’m forgetting things I have just done and I really believe if my head wasn’t on my shoulders, I would lose that too.

I gathered some information from the internet to help with memory issues.

7 tips for dealing with memory loss due to MS:

1. Assign a specific spot for items you lose frequently (like keys), and always put them back there.

2. Use checklists, organizers, and journals so you remember what you need to do.

3. Repeat and write down important information.

4. Prioritize and focus on only the most important things of the day.

5. Try to keep a set schedule.

6. Do things when you think of them because you may forget later.

7. Try memory games or puzzles to help ‘train your brain.’

I am highly organized – you should see my agenda – but I’ll keep these all in mind. Do you suffer from memory loss or cognitive issues? What do you do to help? Do you have a daily planner? What other tips can you think of?


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