Here’s to a New Twitter Chat – #ChatMS

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My friend Randy Patrick and I are always coming up with initiatives to raise Multiple Sclerosis awareness. Randy runs Must Stop MS and, as you all know, I’m the founder of Keep S’Myelin. Our goals are similar and pretty simple – to raise Multiple Sclerosis awareness worldwide. The idea of a Twitter Chat about Multiple Sclerosis crossed our minds and we developed our plan to start it. Our first #ChatMS was on March 9th, 2015, and one things for sure, it blew our minds away! We were so pleased to see the amount of participants, the awareness and the relationships built – just through our first one!

#ChatMS is a Twitter Chat that happens every Monday at 7 pm – 8 pm ET. So if you live in the Central Time Zone, it would be live, starting at 6 pm CT. Make sure to check out what time it would be in your time zone so you don’t miss out! Every week, Randy and I, will be hosting these chats and we’ll ask a series of questions related to a particular theme. For example, our first chat was an introductory chat. So we asked questions like, “When were you diagnosed? At What Age? What was your first symptom?” Therefore, we host the chat – so we ask participants questions, and you all answer. This is a great way for MSers to build relationships with other MSers!

Although it was an amazing chat, we did notice some individuals got a little confused. We totally forgot to mention how Twitter Chats work. When I took part in my first Chat I was so overwhelmed. I found it so difficult to keep up with the questions, the answers, reading everyone else’s answers and it was just a huge mess, on my end, so I can totally relate! Randy came up with a great infographic that could help you better understand #ChatMS.#ChatMS

First things first, make sure you are searching #ChatMS to follow questions and responses. I find that Twitter can be a little delayed and overwhelming to use so I use TweetDeck. You can add different streams like a #ChatMS stream or a stream just for myself and Randy to keep up with the questions we ask. TweetChat is also another tool you can use as well.

When we ask questions they will be numbered (Q1, Q2, etc). This way it’s easy to find the questions and we know which question you are answering to by beginning your tweets/answers with A1, A2, etc.

Don’t forget to finish off your tweets with #ChatMS! This is how you can make sure that your tweets get seen by not only Randy and I, but by other MSers as well!

If you are unable to attend the chat – No problem! Twitter never erases any content shared so you can always search up #ChatMS to take a look at the entire chat.

Like Randy mentions, most importantly, have fun! Be kind, make friends and learn! #ChatMS will leave you excited for Mondays!

If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, please drop a comment below. Do you have any suggestions on topics? Let’s hear it. Hope to see you all there, every Monday at 7 pm ET!



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