3 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Engagement

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Twitter is a social platform that many don’t really have faith in (why? I wish I knew.) It has 300 million monthly active users and that right there should be an encouragement to get on the platform asap! But as for engagement, it can be a little challenging, especially if you’re new at the Twitter game.

Here I outline 3 ways to increase your Twitter engagement.

Use Images/GIFs/Videos

There is so much content out there on the web and that makes it extremely difficult to capture the attention of an audience. Video is pretty much the future on social but if you don’t have access to create professional videos, turn to GIF’s and images and use them in EVERY SINGLE one of your tweets. Tweets with just plain text don’t receive that much engagement but tweets with videos or images receive 150% more ReTweets. GIF’s are my fav because they’re so easy to search one that is relevant to your tweet.. and they’re pretty fun too. If something doesn’t stand out, no one will see it. Make your tweets stand out with compelling and engaging photos, GIF’s or videos. 

Engage with Polls

Another fun and engaging way to activate your audience is to create Twitter Polls. If you’ve never used Twitter Polls before, check out this post on everything you need to know about Twitter Polls. Plain and simple, they are FUN! And they also give you an idea of who your audience is and what they’re into. Polls provide consumer information which can help you decide what types of content to share. When you’re finished reading this post, I want you to head over to Twitter, create a fun poll and tag me in it!

Short n’ Sweet Tweets

You’re probably thinking, “Tweets are already short and sweet since they only allow 140 characters.” Yes, but tweets need to be even shorter than that! Twitter isn’t Facebook where you can write thousands of words. It’s a quick-fix for information. Tweets that use less than 100 characters receive 17% more engagement. Short and sweet Tweets also allow people to retweet with their own thoughts too. 

There you have it. Three easy and simple tactics that you can utilize to increase your Twitter engagement. Am I missing anything else? What would you suggest to help others increase their Twitter engagement? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Tweeting!


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